Ashley has been a consultant to our family for 4 years.  She has helped us through multiple parenting challenges, ranging from resistant potty training, to sleep reversion issues, to helping siblings adjust to a new baby.  Ashley has also helped our children hit development milestones sooner than we ever thought possible, while identifying the need to intervene in other areas.  She has always offered highly tailored recommendations by merging her deep expertise in research-backed child development and parenting practices with a deep understanding of our children’s unique personalities and context.  Ashley has a true gift of being able to talk to children and see the world through their perspective, while giving me the confidence and actionable tools to help our family thrive.

–Lindsey L., Winnetka, IL

Ashley worked with us from the time our first son was a few weeks old and has continued to help our family from time to time over the last several years.  She is amazing with babies and children and is a great resource for information about raising little children.  She gave us advice on things like sleeping, feeding, temperament, discipline, child care, safety and schools.  She was also a calming influence on a frantic new mother!  We were so lucky to have met her.

–Lisa, Chicago, IL

Ashley is a must have for any parent with young children!  Her knowledge of child development is vast, and she is beyond helpful with topics ranging from healthy eating to age-appropriate play to early literacy. My children adore her as a teacher and playmate while I value her as a thoughtful, creative, and highly-experienced child care consultant.  She is, and always will be, part of our family!

–Natalie W., Chicago, IL

We can’t say enough amazing things about Ashley. She has consulted with us many times over the past several years coaching us through infant, toddler and preschool challenges. She is patient, knowledgable and looks at everything through a child’s eyes offering a thoughtful perspective. Recently we consulted with her on a potty-training issue for our 3yo and sleep regression with our 22mo. During the consultation, she listened, asked lots of questions and gave us a handful of new ideas that really worked after just a few days of implementation. I wish I could have her on speed dial day and night.

– Marissa S., Chicago, IL

Ashley weaves decades of practical, hands-on experience caring for infants and children of all ages and backgrounds with formal education. This combination allows her to layer documented solutions, ideas and theories atop real-life circumstances. For us, it was the best of all worlds. Using a non-confrontational, open and friendly demeanor, Ashley genuinely heard my concerns as a first-time parent and offered solutions that worked for our family. We’ve followed Ashley’s advice, and today, our 6-year-old daughter loves to read, write and act like Sofia the First. We’ve also nurtured our 5-year-old son’s interests, who loves math and building. If you’re seeking a knowledgeable, down-to-earth resource who’s walked the walk, look no farther than Ashley!

–Christine V.

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